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About Me

Andrew K.P. Leung, SBS, FRSA

梁建邦  香港银紫荆勋, 英国皇家人文工商学院荣授院士

International and Independent China Strategist  国际独立中国策略顾问


Chairman and CEO, Andrew Leung International Consultants and Investments Limited
(Founded in London, now re-incorporated in Hong Kong; name changed from Andrew Leung International Consultants Limited as from 10 July, 2017) 
China Futures Fellow, Berkshire Publishing Group, Massachusetts, USA (2011-13)
Brain Trust member, The Evian Group (global think-tank), Lausanne, Switzerland
Gerson Lehrman Group (Global Experts) Council Member
International Expert, Reuters Insight Community of Experts, Thomson Reuters 
Senior Analyst, Wikistrat, a cloud-sourced global strategic consultancy based in Tel Aviv and Washington D.C. 
Senior Consultant, MEC International (a UK-based global strategic energy consultancy) 
Distinguished Contributor, Asymmetric Threats Contingency Alliance (ATCA) (global think-tank)
Certified Sustainable Development Planner, World Institute of Sustainable Development Planners
Fellow of the Royal Society for the Encouragement of Arts, Manufactures and Commerce (FRSA)
Elected Member, Royal Society for Asian Affairs
Contributing author, Politics Today
Think-tank Research Fellow, Beijing Normal University, Zhuhai Campus, PRC (14.4.2017-13.4.2020) 
International Advisory Board Member, Silk Road Partners
Advisory Board member, The e-Centre , European Centre for e-Commerce and Internet Law, Vienna 
Honorary Adviser, International Institute of Management (IIM
Advisory Board member, The Global Analyst, India
Honorary President, China Hong Kong Economic and Trading International Association (from 28 March, 2016) 
Global Commercial Agent, Changsha City, China
Hong Kong Advisory Board member, Denmark-based Executive Global Network (EGN)
Visiting Professor, London Metropolitan University Business School 
Governing Council Member, King’s College London, UK (2004-2010)
Advisory Board member, China Policy Institute, Nottingham University, UK (2005 -2010)
Visiting Professor, Sun Yat-sen University Business School, China (2005-10)
Founding Chairman, China Group, Institute of Directors City Branch, London, UK (2006-2010)
Vice Chairman, 48 Group Club, UK (2008-2010)
Committee Member of RSA, London Region, UK (2006-2010)
Included in UK's Who's Who since 2002
Awarded the Silver Bauhinia Star (SBS) in the July 2005 Hong Kong Honours List

梁建邦国际顾问及投资有限公司主席 (伦敦创立现时香港注册, 2017年7月10日前, 公司原名为梁建邦国际顾问有限公司)

美国麻省宝库山出版集团特邀中国未来学专家 (2011-

瑞士洛桑环球智库 Evian Group 智嚢团成员



美国首都华盛顿 Wikistrat 云端来源全球战略咨询资深分析师

MEC 英国国际能源顾问公司高级顾问


香港可持续发展教育学院实务教授 (2018-20)





Silk Road Partners 国际顾问委员会成员

Download 丝绸之路合伙公司简介 24-06-2022



印度商业杂志”环球分析师” 董事会顾问

中國香港國際經貿合作協會荣誉会长 (自2016年3月28日起)

Download 中國香港國際經貿合作協會簡介和組織架構




英国伦敦英皇大学董事 (2004-10)

英国诺丁咸大学中国政策研究中心董事 (2005-10)

中国中山大学商学院客座教授 (2005-10)

英国董事商会伦敦金融城分会中国组创组主席 (2006-10)

英国48家集团会副主席 (2008-10)

英国皇家人文工商学院伦敦区理事会成员 (2006-10)

2002开始获纳入英国全国 Who’s Who 名人录 


(A Chinese version of the following biography follows 以下为英文简历, 其后有中文版本)

Andrew is a prominent international China specialist with a 38-year career in many senior government positions in Hong Kong, including commerce, industry, banking, finance, social welfare, and overseas diplomatic representation. He began his career in the elite Administrative Service (formerly called "Cadet Service") in 1973 as "Assistant Defense Secretary" (later re-styled Assistant Secretary (Security)), responsible for policies for Hong Kong's auxiliaries and prisons services. He held a variety of other senior posts including Assistant Financial Secretary, Deputy Director-General of Industry, Deputy Secretary for Transport, and Director-General of Social Welfare. His last post was Hong Kong's official chief representative for the United Kingdom, 10 other EU member states in Central and Eastern Europe plus a number of countries outside the EU such as Russia, Norway and Switzerland. 

During his career, Andrew oversaw the migration and transformation of Hong Kong's industries into the Pearl River Delta as the Factory of the World. During a mid-career sabbatical, he helped set up Standard Chartered Asia Ltd, the bank's first merchant banking subsidiary in Hong Kong.

Andrew was twice sponsored by the U.S. Government for month-long visits across the US, including a month-long visit in 1990 to brief Chairmen and CEOs of Fortune 50 multinationals on China beyond Tiananmen Square. This private briefing included a one-on-one, 1-hour-and 15-minute meeting with Steve Forbes, Chief Executive of Forbes Magazine, together with his managing editor. In 2002, he was invited to Buckingham Palace to brief Prince Andrew personally on China leading to HRH's first official visit to China in 2004 as UK’s Special Representative for Trade and Investment. 

Andrew is now Chairman of Andrew Leung International Consultants Limited, which was first established and based in London. Since he relocated back to Hong Kong permanently on 19 May 2010, the company has since been re-incorporated in Hong Kong

Andrew has spoken on numerous business and international forums on China and has provided high-level China briefings and advice to many companies, corporations and government authorities. These include Baring Asset Management; Cazenove; F & C; Merrill Lynch; Royal Bank of Scotland; HSBC; KKR Global Macro and Asset Allocation; Citigroup; and Swedish Broadcasting Corporation; government diplomatic organs including Japan, Norway and Australia; The Economist; Chatham House; the Institute of Economic Affairs; the Royal United Services Institute for Defense and Security Studies (RUSI);The Evian Group, Switzerland; the Royal Society for Asian Affairs; St. George's House, Windsor Castle; the Commonwealth Business Council; Wilton Park; Asia House; The Reform Club; the Chairmen's Club; the D-Group; the East Asia Institute, Peterhouse College, Cambridge University; the Asian Studies Centre, St Anthony's College, Oxford University; Oxford Analytica; London School of Economics; the School of Oriental and African Studies; Warwick University; Reading University; Lancaster University; University College Dublin; Open University; McCombs School of Business, University of Texas at Austin; the China Economic Association (Europe); Fudan University, Peking University and Renmin University, China. 

Andrew is a regular Sponsored Speaker at many international conferences across the world, including Forum Istanbul, Turkey (six consecutive years); Aegean Economic Forum, 2017; MEDays Forum of the Amadeus Institute (under auspices of King of Morocco) 2017 and 2018; The Economist China Conference at the German Foreign Affairs Institute in Berlin; World Money Show; World Hi-Tech Forum in London; East West Institute in Brussels; Aljazeera Forum in Doha, Qatar; African Banking and Financial Institutions Conference in Accra, Ghana; Central Banking Conference in Kuala Lumpur; Mines and Money Conference in London; Finance Asia Conference, Hong Kong; Jefferies Conference for corporate investors, Hong Kong (2012); JHI Asia-Pacific Conference, Beijing (2013); Asia Trader and Institutional Investor event, Four Seasons Hotel Hong Kong (2014); and sponsored keynote speaker at a business forum in New Zealand (2014). 

Andrew appears regularly on TV interviews on China with 'BBC (including BBC World, News Night, BBC New York and an appearance at Breakfast With Frost), CNBC Europe and Asia Pacific, Thomson Reuters, Bloomberg, Sky, CNN, NBC, National Geographic Channel, Australian Broadcasting Corporation (ABC), Aljazeera English Channel, PressTV English Channel, Russia Today (RT), Radio Sputnik of Moscow, Times Now of India (TV), New Dehli Television (NDTV), World Is One News (WION), New Delhi, Indus News (TV), Pakistan, Singapore's Channel NewsAsia (CNA), TRT (Turkish Radio and Television Corporation), Xinhua's CNC TV Channels (both Chinese and English), and CCTV (China Central Television) Beijing, with China Global Television Network (CGTN), including its offshoot CGTN America, Washington D.C. 

Andrew's speaking profile can be found on CNBC (Executive Vision) at https://www.cnbc.com/id/39747269, City Speakers International at https://www.cityspeakersinternational.co.uk/speakers/speaker_andrew_leung.php and China Speakers Bureau at https://www.china-speakers-bureau.com/profiles/1405379.html
Many of Andrew's internationally published articles, commentaries, presentations, and interviews can be accessed on his website www.andrewleunginternationalconsultants.com

Andrew provided advisory consultancy to McCreight and Company Inc, USA, a leading international corporate strategy implementation firm, on Lenovo’s cultural integration with IBM. He was Editor-at-large for MEC International for a substantial international consultancy on China's energies, including geopolitical, economic, security, financial and climate change implications. He made a presentation on this at a Windsor Energy Group international conference at St George's House, Windsor Castle, to an audience of leading energy experts including senior corporate executives, academics, and the Executive Director of the International Energy Agency.

Andrew is elected as a Member of the Royal Society for Asian Affairs. He is on the Brain Trust of The Evian Group, a think-tank founded at the IMD, Lausanne, Switzerland. He has been appoined as a BAO China Futures Fellow (one of the firsts) by the Berkshire Publishing Group, Massachusetts, USA. He is a a Gerson Lehrman Group (global experts) Council Member and is a registered Reuters Insight expert with Thomas Reuters for services worldwide. He is a Distinguished Contributor on China with the Asymmetric Threats Contingency Alliance (ATCA), an influential global think-tank and is a Senior Analyst with Wikistrat, an online global strategic consultancy.

Up to his permanent relocation back to Hong Kong on 19 May, 2010, Andrew was a Vice Chairman of the China-influential 48 Group Club of the United Kingdom with historical links with the Chinese leadership. He was the Founding Chairman of the China Interest Group of the UK’s Institute of Directors City Branch. He was made a Fellow of the Royal Society for the Encouragement of Arts, Manufactures and Commerce (RSA) as was elected to its London Region Executive Committee. He sat on the Governing Council of King's College London and on the Advisory Board of the China Policy Institute at Nottingham University.

Since 2012, Andrew is an Honorary Advisor to The Global Analyst, the flagship magazine of Hyderabad-based Media Five Publications Pvt Ltd. He also sat on the board of Multitude Foundation, a former charity incorporated in Hong Kong promoting Asian art.

Andrew was a Visiting Professor with the Sun Yat-sen University Business School in China (2005-10) and remains a Visiting Professor with the London Metropolitan University Business School. He is an officially-appointed Global Commercial Agent for China's Changsha City.  Since 28 March, 2016, by special invitation, Andrew has become the Honorary Chairman of the China Hong Kong Economic Trading International Association. 

Andrew has a B.A from the University of London, postgraduate qualification from Cambridge University, Solicitors’ qualifying examination certificates from the Law Society, Hong Kong and London, and PMD from the Harvard Business School.

Andrew has been included in UK’s Who’s Who since 2002.  He was awarded the Silver Bauhinia Star (SBS) in the July 2005 Hong Kong Honours List.

Apart from fluent English and some French, Andrew speaks Cantonese and Putonghua, writes Chinese calligraphy, and paints classical Chinese paintings. His other hobbies include tennis, swimming, jogging, travelling, singing, reading and appreciation of fine foods, wines and arts.                                                                                           

Profile Links:

Executive Global Network (EGN)  (On board of Advisers)
The Global Analyst, India  (On board of Advisors)
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View this photo (In memory of Lady Thatcher at an official reception hosted by me at London's Claridge's July, 2002)  
梁建邦是国际知名的中国专家,38年来任多个香港政府高职,领域广阔, 包括商业,工业,银行,金融,社会福利, 和国际关系。 1973年晋升, 加入政策级精英行列 (AO),首任 “防卫部长助理” (即后来助理保安司), 负责辅警军团和监狱服务政策。其他高职包括助理财政司,工业署唯一副署长,运输司副司长,社会福利署署长等。最后是香港驻英国首席官方代表,和在东欧10个欧盟成员国,以及欧盟以外的一些国家,如俄罗斯,挪威和瑞士, 首席代表香港政府。

工业署副署长期间,梁先生负责香港工业转型,向珠江三角洲发展, 使后者成为世界工厂. 期后借调香港渣打银行, 帮助成立渣打亚洲有限公司, 为香港渣打第一家商业银行。

梁先生曾两度获美国政府赞助, 在美国为期一个月的访问,其中一九九零年, 向世界财富50强跨国公司世界总部高级副总裁及以上高管, 分享对中国未来的见解。包括向“福布斯”杂志首席执行官,  史蒂夫·福布斯(Steve Forbes)及其主编,长达1小时15分钟的私人简报。2002年, 梁先生被邀请到伦敦白金汉宫, 会见作为英国贸易和投资特别代表的安德鲁皇子, 亲自向他介绍中国, 其后皇子决定首次正式访问中国 (2014). 

梁先生现为梁建邦国际顾问公司Andrew Leung International Consultants Limited的董事长及首席执行官。该公司由二零一零年五月十九日, 从伦敦搬至香港注册.

梁建邦向许多公司企业和政府部门, 提供高水平的中国情况介绍和咨询。金融业务方面, 包括Baring资产管理, Cazenove, F & C, 美林Merrill Lynch, 苏格兰皇家银行, 汇丰银行, KKR全球宏观和资产配置, 花旗集团等. 政府方面, 包括日本, 挪威, 和澳大利亚. 智库方面, 包括伦敦Chatham House, 伦敦经济学人杂志 The Economist, Wilton Park, Asia House, 英国经济研究所, 皇家国防和安全研究所(RUSI), 瑞士Evian集团, 皇家亚洲事务学会, 皇室溫莎城堡聖喬治之家, 英联邦商业委员会, 英国革新会, The D Group 主席协会, 剑桥大学彼得豪斯学院东亚研究所, 牛津大学圣安东尼学院亚洲研究中心, 牛津分析 Oxford Analytica, 伦敦经济学院, 东方与非洲研究学院, 华威大学, University of Reading, Open University, 美国德克萨斯大学奥斯丁分校麦克科斯商学院, 中国经济协会(欧洲), 复旦大学,北大, 人民大学等。

梁先生在 不同商业和国际论坛上, 获邀发表有关中国的演说,包括土耳其伊斯坦布尔论坛(连续六年); 2017年爱琴海经济论坛; 2017年和2018年Amadeus研究所论坛(摩洛哥国王赞助);  德国柏林外交学院的经济学人中国会议, The World Money Show, 伦敦世界高科技论坛, 布鲁塞尔东西方研究所论坛, 卡塔尔多哈半岛电视台论坛, 加纳阿克拉的非洲金融和金融机构论坛, 吉隆坡中央银行业论坛, 伦敦世界矿业和金融论坛, 香港亚洲金融论坛, Jeffries 银行香港投资者论(2012);北京JHI亚太会议(2013年), 在香港四季酒店的亚洲投资年会 (2014),以及在新西兰商会当地论坛的主旨演讲(2014)。

梁建邦不时获邀国际电视和电台采访, 包括 BBC(包括纽约BBC, 及英国著名的 News Night和 Breakfast With  Frost” 节目),欧洲和亚太地区CNBC,汤森路透,彭博,Sky,CNN,NBC,美国国家地理频道 National Geographic, 澳大利亚广播公司(ABC),Aljazeera半岛电视英文频道,  RT 俄罗斯电视台,Times NOW 印度电视台,  新加坡电视新闻集团,土耳其电视广播公司,新华社电视频道,中央电视台及央视最新的中国全球英语电视网络(CGTN)。

梁先生为美国领先的国际企业战略执行公司McCreight and Company Inc 就联想与IBM的文化整合, 提供顾问咨询。为伦敦国际能源咨询公司MEC的一个中国能源咨询, 担任总编辑,咨询包括地缘政治,经济,安全,金融和气候变化影响。他在英国温莎城堡圣乔治之家 St George’s House的温莎能源集团国际会议上致辞,参与者包括巴黎国际能源署全球执行董事,一些中东大使或前大使, 国际领先能源专家, 和资深能源企业高管.

梁建邦当选为皇家亚洲事务学会会员。及瑞士洛桑IMD成立的伊维翁智库Evian Group 集团成员。他被美国麻萨诸塞州伯克郡出版集团选为中国未来学专家(2011-13); Gerson Lehrman全球专家集团理事会成员, 和路透社认可的路透社专家。他亦是一个全球智囊团 ATCA 不对称威胁应急联盟成员,也是是维基云端来源全球战略咨询 Wikistrat资深分析师。

2010年5月19日永久搬回香港之前,梁先生是英国48集团副主席,该集团与中国领导层有过深厚历史联系。他是英国董事商会伦敦金融城分会中国组创组主席。他被选为英国皇家人文工商学院(RSA)的院士。及伦敦地区执委会成员. 他获邀为伦敦国王学院 King's College London 理事会 Governing Council 董事, 和诺丁汉大学中国政策研究所顾问委员会成员.。

2012年以来,梁先生是印度海德拉巴媒体有限公司”旗舰杂志The Global Analyst “全球分析师”的荣誉顾问。他曾担任一家在香港注册成立的慈善基金会董事会成员,推广亚洲艺术。

梁建邦前任中国中山大学商学院客座教授(2005-10),仍是London Metropolitan University 商学院客座教授。他是中国长沙市任命的全球商业代理。自2016年3月28日起,梁先生被邀成为中国香港经济贸易国际协会名誉会长。

梁建邦拥有伦敦大学的B.A,剑桥大学的研究生资格,香港和伦敦的律师资格考试证书, 以及哈佛商学院的PMD。

梁建邦自2002年以来一直被列入英国全国 Who’s Who 名人录 ,于2005年7月获香港政府荣誉榜银紫荆星勋章(SBS)。

梁先生说粤语和普通话,流利的英语和一些法语. 他写中国书法,画古典中国画。其他爱好包括网球,游泳,慢跑,旅游,唱歌,阅读和欣赏美食,葡萄酒和艺术。


Registered Office: 1101, 11/F, China Insurance Group Building, 141 Des Voeux Road Central, Hong Kong (Company No. 1469392)
Tel: +852 2819 1323. Email: [email protected]

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