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June 17, 2012


Alasdair I. Macgregor

Professor mei and his readers maybe interested to know that I have developed a theory that Time is more than a part of the dimensions of the Universe but also the 5th Force of Nature with an attractive energy force field whose elementry particle or boson, the Timeon, could work through the eleven dimensions of String Theory because the Timeon is a Quantum String. Combined with Gravity whose force field is negative (in a ying yang sybiosis), specifically the cosmological constant, not only could this be the elusive Dark Energy but they could be the unifying forces of the Theory of Everything.

I brought Time and Gravity together in 2010 to help explain how to ensure that the Singularity at the Point of Zero remained unstable to allow for the continuation of the Universe as a big Quantum Repulsion Pulse with Time explosively inflating the vortex wave of the Singularity in an instant across Space-Time to ensure the Infinity of it and the spread of the Background Radiation as we see it today.

I also see the arrow of Time as being allowed for by erupting from a source event omnidirectionally as an energy force filed in the future where the components of an event constantly materialise into the present as Present Moments before melting out of existance as a memory back into the ether to allow for Time to continue!So far sadly, no one in the cosmological world has taken the Time to take any of this seriously yet many of the top luminaries in academia reckon Time has got to be the missing link in solving some of the issues I've just written about.

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